On 09-16-18 Sedgwick County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Kunze III made the ultimate sacrifice and gave his life protecting the people of Sedgwick County from the evil that lurks in our world.  No words can express the gratitude to Deputy Kunze and all the other men and women in uniform who protect us from evil. 

R.I.P. Deputy Kunze, gone but never forgotten.

This weekend, Oct. 13th & 14th of 2018, the people who attended the Chisholm Trail Gun Show along with some vendors and the CTAGA helped me to raise $1,666 for the family of fallen Sedgwick County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Kunze.  To all those people who donated money I want to give you a sincere thank you for making this happen, without your help this would not have occurred.  Deputy Kunze's wife and daughter will receive this money.  Below is a picture of the winner's who won my handmade knife & sheath that was the prize for whomever guessed the closest to the amount of marshmallows in a large glass jar. 

The amount was 1,377 marshmallows by the way. 

Congratulations to Rick & Tina Cavender of Wichita~!  Thank you~!!

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I'm back in my studio making knives now.  I'm going to fill all my back orders for fixed blade knives first before taking any new orders.  Right now I'm 6-12 months out on my past orders.  Then I plan to concentrate on making folders along with my fixed blade knives.  I plan on making EDC type folders, tactical folders and gents folders, all of liner lock or frame lock design.  I will still make fixed bladed knives so don't worry, but I can't wait to show off some of my future folders. 

Thanks for visiting my website, have a great day!



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