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Welcome to my knifemaking web site, my name is Dan Dick and I thank you for taking the time to look at my web site.  Ever since I can remember, back to when I was a young child, I've had an affection for sharp pointy things, along with fire and things that go boom, but we won't get into the last two.  I have for the most part of my life always carried a knife and have found them to be a most useful tool.  They are the oldest tool known to mankind, some estimates go back 3.2 million years ago if you're wondering.  Creating a knife by hand can be very frustrating while very satisfying at the same time.  There's nothing that comes close to describing the feeling you get when you have a completed functional knife that you just made with your own two hands and your customer loves it and uses it.  Often I hear them say "it's too pretty to use", but I tell them I make them aesthetically pleasing to the eye but they are built to be used.

I've been making knives since 2006.  I make all of my knives with my own two hands and the standard knife studio tools/equipment.  I do my own heat treating and cryogenic treatments as well.  I also make all of my own leather and kydex sheaths.  I tool all of my leather sheaths and as the photos on my home page show, they're nice. 

I use the stock removal method for making my knives and make them with a hollow grind only.  I use D2 tool steel which has been a staple knife steel for decades, there's a reason for it, it holds an edge. 

I have lots of plans, goals and dreams for my future knives.  I warrant all of my knives for as long as I'm able to make knives, hopefully another 15-20 years. 
I cannot warrant a knife if it is misused, abused or modified.  If you modify one of my knives or take it apart, you void the warranty on it, period.  Knives are meant to cut soft materials such as meat, hide, sinew, cartilage, paper, cardboard, string, cheese and vegetables just to name a few things.  If you want to cut bone, get a bone saw.  If you want to unscrew a screw, get a screwdriver.  If you want to pry open a window, get a pry bar.  You get the meaning by now I think.  If one of my knives should ever fail you due to my fault, contact me immediately for a remedy as I want all of my customers to have 100% satisfaction with their knife.  All of my knives will come with either a leather or kydex sheath, depending on the model.  Due to the nature of the beast I cannot warrant a sheath, unless it's my fault something happened to it, then I will warrant it. Sheaths are like your favorite pair of blue jeans or shirt, after so long they wear out due to use, however the leather sheaths I make should out live you~!

I hold a full time job (marshmallow farmer) and make knives in my spare time as a hobby.  Currently spare time is at a premium for me so please allow me 6-12 months to complete a knife should you order one of my eleven different models, however I always try to have several on hand to select from.  Having three beautiful, wonderful and young grandchildren I love spending time with them as much as possible, along with my daughter and her husband and my mother, family is first with me.  I do not take specialized or customized orders so please don't ask.  I make only the knives I have drawn up, designed and refined.  My contact information is as follows:

                                    Dan Dick
                                    P.O. Box 2303
                                    Hutchinson, KS.  67504-2303
                                    Email:     d